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Dossier Océan et énergie - Énergie thermique des Mers

REPUBLIC OF PALAU - National Assessment Report
Barbados Programme of Action + 10
Review - January 2005 Mauriittiius

National projects include:
• Sonsorol and Hatohobei Solar Energy Development Project
• Palau-Saga University Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Project
• Palau Energy Code Development Project

Extrait du rapport concernant l'énergie thermique des mers 

Chapter : 3.1.5 ENERGY Projects Related to Renewable Energy

Feasibility Study on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) - ($250,000)

Even though the electric power system in Palau has been quite stable for several years, and is predicted to be so for the foreseeable future, the long-term goal for the economic security of the nation is to fully explore the development of renewable and sustainable energy sources. Current power generation in Palau is virtually fully dependent upon the burning of fossil fuels. Due to the expense of shipping fuel oil to Palau and the risk of world events threatening that supply, it is important for the nation to develop energy sources that are renewable and not threatened by outside events. Critical to such consideration are “clean” energy sources that do not pollute Palau’s sensitive tropical environment. Prime among these sources is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). It is anticipated that OTEC, which is dependent on deep cold water sources, holds great promise for
Palau especially due to the location of the Palau Islands, adjacent to the 8,000 meter deep Palau Trench. This feasibility study will analyze the practicality of funding development of OTEC systems and provide data on eventual planning, design, cost estimating and construction of the system.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Project (OTEC) - $80,000,000

The project will focus on the implementation of recommendations provided in the “Feasibility Study on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion – OTEC,” (Tier “A” project
above). The priority of this project may be raised depending upon the recommendations of the feasibility study. Through the study’s recommendations vital information will be received on specific project requirements to be included in basic design tasks as well as a refined cost estimate for full final design and construction. The development of an energy source such as OTEC which will be clean, reliable, renewable and sustainable would perhaps be the most significant step towards the long-term economic security and development of the nation. Eliminating the dependence on the importation and burning of fossil fuels will also enhance and secure Palau’s future environmental protection.
Regional Projects that Palau is participating in are the:

• Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Project (PIREP)
• EU-Palau Solar Lighting Project
• Palau-CNMI-Guam-Yap Renewable Energy Initiative