Retour Club des Argonautes - Dossier Énergie Thermique des Mers


IOA Newsletter Vol.13, No.1 /Spring 2002
AuthorĄGTom Daniel, Rick Heltzel
AbstractĄGThe NELHA Hawaii ocean Science and Technology (HOST) Park has successfully
             Ą@deployment new 55-in diameter high density polyethylene deep seawater pipeline
             Ą@that extends to a depth of 3,000 feet, 9,700 feet offshore.
KeywordĄGdeep seawater, pipeline
TitleĄGEnergy Island
AuthorĄGDominic Michaelis
AbstractĄG"Energy Island" take the form of a floating platform designed to harvest all usefully
             Ą@available energy sources-wind, waves, currents, tides, marine photosynthesis,
             Ą@geothermal and ocean thermal-all being brought together.
KeywordĄGrenewable energy sources, wave, wind, currents, solar energy, OTEC
TitleĄGITEC-Iceberg Thermal Energy Conversion
AuthorĄGGeorges MOUGIN
AbstractĄGThe ITEC plant is similar to an open cycle OTEC plant but for the cold source
KeywordĄGOTEC, temperature, capacity