Retour Club des Argonautes - Dossier Énergie Thermique des Mers


IOA Newsletter Vol.13, No.3 /Autumn 2002
Title¡GEnergy:the security of supply in question
Author¡GJean-Marie Chevalier
Abstract¡GTo face the energy industry crises, risks, uncertainties and inventing four
             ¡@contrasted scenarios to make strategic decisions.
Keyword¡Genergy, scenario
Title¡GThe ExternE Project
Author¡GMichel Gauthier
Abstract¡GThe ExternE project is a comprehensive attempt to use a consistent methodology
             ¡@to evaluate the external costs associated with a range of different fuel cycles.
Keyword¡Genergy production, external costs
Title¡GOcean Thermal Energy Conversion: An Extensive,Environmentally Benign source of
       ¡@Energy for the Future
Author¡GThomas H. Daniel
Abstract¡GTo introduce OTEC potential benefits, development obstacles, current status and