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IOA Newsletter Vol.13, No.4 /Winter 2002
TitleĄGAbout the IOA in general and the Newsletter in particular. An Open Letter from
       Ą@Michel Gauthier
AuthorĄGMichel Gauthier
AbstractĄGAn Open Letter about the IOA in general and the newsletter in particular.
KeywordĄGIOA, IOA Newsletter
TitleĄGGeorge Claude's Cuban OTEC Experiment: a lesson of Tenacity for Entrepreneurs
AuthorĄGMartin G. Brown,Michel Gauthier,Jean-Marc Meurville
AbstractĄGTo illustrate some of the problems faced by Claude and shows how, in the main,
             Ą@he overcame them. It also points out that some of the problems experienced in the
             Ą@1930's could be solved using up to date technology.
KeywordĄGOTEC,CWP, Open Cycle
TitleĄGNews Special
AbstractĄG1. The GreenOcean Project-Sustainable energy, food and water for the 21st
             Ą@2. Some news from South Pacific.
             Ą@3. Information on seaPower Europe