Retour Club des Argonautes - Dossier Énergie Thermique des Mers


IOA Newsletter Vol.6, No.4 /Winter 1995
Title¡GResearch Activities At KOCHI Artificial Upwelling Laboratory In JAPAN On The
       ¡@Utilization of Deep Seawater Resources
Author¡GToshimitsu Nakashima, Japan
Abstract¡GDescription of the land based Kochi artificial upwelling facility:Includes site,
             ¡@pumping and aquaculture activities main features.
Title¡GOTEC in cold regions
Author¡GLars G. Golmen
Abstract¡GPresentation of ocean thermal gradient situation in high latitude oceanic and
             ¡@coastal zones where less salty surface water is on the top of saltier intermediate
             ¡@water. How to extract energy by OTEC in high latitudes?
Keyword¡GOTEC;high latitude;cold region;aquaculture;diffusion;pumping
Title¡GProspects for the OTEC Plant At Sri-Lankan Coastline
Author¡GDr. T. K. D. Tennakoon, India
Abstract¡GVery short introduction to Sri-Lanka marine canyons sites for OTEC on shore
Keyword¡GIndia;Sri-Lanka;Panadura, Dondra Trincomalee;OTEC;potential