Retour Club des Argonautes - Dossier Énergie Thermique des Mers


IOA Newsletter Vol.7, No.3 /Autumn 1996
Title¡GTreatment of Severe Atopic Dermatitis by Using Deep Seawater
Author¡GNomura Ichiro, Japan
Abstract¡GReport from National Children's hospital in Tokyo about the results of treatment of
             ¡@skin decease using deep sea water. 366 patients deagnosed with atropic
             ¡@dermatisis were treated for several months.
Keyword¡GDOW;Health;skin decease;medical
Title¡GThe Abstract of Hygen project of producing large quantities of hydrogen and possible
       ¡@fresh water if open cycle OTEC is used to produce the electricity used in the
       ¡@electrolysis process
Author¡GC. S. Homan, New Caledonia, France
Abstract¡GPresentation of a concept for producing large quantity of hydrogen and fresh wate.
             ¡@It involves high temperature electrolysis performed using combustion, solar and
             ¡@nuclear fusion.
Keyword¡GHydrogen;electrolysis;electricity;fresh water
Title¡GProfile of the Deep Sea Water Utilization Facility in Toyama Prefectural Fisheries
Author¡GJun Ohtsu, Japan
Abstract¡GThe papers presents the site and the pumping system characteristics of the
             ¡@Toyama Bay facility. Includes bathymetry, salinity, temperature.