Retour Club des Argonautes - Dossier Énergie Thermique des Mers


IOA Newsletter Vol.8, No.1 /Spring 1997
Title¡GDeep Ocean Water Cold Utilization Systems Combined with Local Industry
Author¡GTakenobu Kajikawa/ Ken Ogata/ Fumihiko Kakizaki / Kinji Gonda/ Hamada, Japan
Abstract¡GThis paper intends to clarify the feasibility of a commercial DOWA multiproduct
             ¡@system for Okinoerabu Island's community.
Title¡GEvaluation of a High Potential Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) site in
       ¡@Puerto Rico
Author¡GP. Friend /E. Byford/ S. Camp/ M. L. Kernick/ A. Lubben/ J. Mills/ B. Potter/ M. Reynolds/ C. Stedmon, UK
Abstract¡GGeneral project description of a 10MW closed cycle land based OTEC
             ¡@multiproducts plant in Puerto Rico. Includes review of technology, geographical
             ¡@site characteristics, environmental impact and costs.
Keyword¡GOTEC;multiproduct;Puerto-Rico;geography;environment;impact;fresh water;