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IOA Newsletter Vol.9, No.3 /Autumn 1998
Title¡GOTEC/DOWA in the European Union Renewable Resources development strategy
Author¡GMichel Gauthier, France
Abstract¡GStatistics on the production of Renewable Energy in the countries of the European
             ¡@Union in 1990 and 1995; comparison of price for photovoltaic, hydroelectric,
             ¡@geothermal, wind and biomass; Development foresights for 2010, potentials for
Keyword¡GRenewable Energy;European Union;price;policy;economy
Title¡GIncrease of Open-cycle OTEC Condenser Performance With Exhaust of
       ¡@Non-condensable Gas
Author¡GHiroyuki Takazawa/ Sam tukana/ Masatsugu Amano/ Tadayoshi Tanaka, Fiji
Abstract¡GReduction of the power of vacuum pumps and compressor for exhausting non
             ¡@condensable gas is essential for Open-Cycle OTEC. An experimental setup has
             ¡@been built to measure the Condenser performance drops when non condensable
             ¡@gas concentration increase.
Keyword¡GDirect contact condenser;Open cycle;non condensable gas;efficiency
Title¡GCorrection:Evaluation of A High Potential Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
       ¡@Site in Puerto Rico
Author¡GP. Friend / E. Byford / S. Camp/ M. L. Kernick/ A. Lubben / J. Mills / B. Potter/
          ¡@M. Reynolds/ C. Stedmon, UKI
Abstract¡GCorrections to the article published in IOA Newsletter Vol.8, No.1 / Spring 1997
Keyword¡GOTEC;multiproduct;Puerto-Rico;geography;environment;impact;fresh water;