Dossier Océan et énergie - Énergie Thermique des Mers

Sommaire IOA News Letters


The Secretary-General of the OTECA-JAPAN. Mr. Minoru Okada, indicated recently that his association has formed 4 working groups to promote and implement their research and development activities. The working groups they formed are: 1)could water intake pipe working group; 2) generating plant working group; 3) multipurpose application working group; and 4) oceanographic research center working group. The first working group will perform various analyses on movement of the cold water intake pipes at the time of its laying. The second working group will conduct investigations for improvement in efficiency of power generation and optimization of cool water utilization technology and ammonia treatment system. The third working group will place their efforts on the investigations for the present condition and out-look in the study on deep seawater utilization including biotechnology, environmental control ,etc. and simulation of the environmental effects by deep seawater. The fourth working group, Oceano-graphic Research Center, was set up last August to develop the concept on OTEC center for oceano-graphic research. The activities of this working group are emphasized on investigations for the structure and domain of nearly 50 oceano-graphic research center, including fish farming all over world through documents.