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The Host of 2nd IOA Planning Meeting

Since 1978,French Polynesia has been vigorously promoting a program for the development of renewable energy. The South Pacific Institute for Renewable
Energy (SPIRE); an Economic Interest Group comprising the Territory of French Polynesia, the Atomic Energy Commission and the French Agency for Energy Management

The South Pacific Institute for Renewable Energy At Tahiti

It has become the main driving force of this program and it has three main orientations:

Its research and development laboratory innovates in such fields as solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy ; and systematically tests all new equipment marketed in the area.

Its engineering group designs renewable energy systems such as solar and wind pumping units, photovoltaic generators, solar water heating stations and carries out studies on energy conservation.

Its training center provides training required for operators, installers, technicians and engineers using renewable energy.

SPIRE consists of a term of experts located in Tahiti and has a branch office in France within the Atomic Energy Commission. This allows SPIRE to operate in the Pacific Ocean environment, in close contact with the specific problems of tropical and island conditions while retaining the assets of the industrialized word's technical expertise. SPIRE' s research development and testing facilities are concentrated in Mahina, fourteen kilometers from Papeete, in a well-equipped technical center consisting of design and engineering services, development laboratoriesand testing benches for equipment. As an instrument  in the development of French Polynesia, the South Pacific Institute for Renewable Energy is willing to offer its experience and know-how to the territories in the neighbouring countries and South Pacific area.