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The R. O. C .'s Assessment Committee for Multiple Product OTEC Project (MPOP) held its first meeting on May 3,1991. Dr. Shu- Jou Lee, Vice Minister for Economic Affairs, and Dr. C. Y. Li, Advisor to the Prime Minister, co-chaired the meeting. More than 30 officers and experts from the government agencies, industrial firms and research institutes participated the technical discussion and reviewed the feasibility and elements of the project. At the end, following conclusions were reached:

  1. The MPOP will be implemented by the Taiwan Power Company. Council of Agriculture, National Science Council, Energy Commission and Energy and Resources Laboratories will provide necessary support. The Taiwan Power Company will be responsible for the overall operation of the project; and
  2. The elements and schedule of the MPOP will follow those suggested by the Taiwan Power Company. A comprehensive project review will be conducted in two years.