Dossier Océan et énergie - Énergie Thermique des Mers

Sommaire IOA News Letters


The use of deep oceanic water has been acknowledged for some decades now, to have potential industrial applications in energy production and aquaculture.

The Commission of the European Communitles follows with great interest the progress of ongoing research on this topic. However, the topic in question had not been included within its Frame-work Programme for Research and Technological Development.

European experts have drawn the attention of the Commission lately on the recent results and intiativies undertaken in this field notably by USA, Japan  and Taiwan.  As a first step, the Commission has decided to organise a working meeting with a view of assessing ongoing developments worldwide, and European expertise (research laboratories and industries) in this field. This working meeting (DOWA/OTEC workshop) will take place in Brussels on the 30th and 31st March 1992 in the premises of the Commission.

It will provide the opportunity, the Commission hopes, for further reflections on some actions which could be proposed to be undertaken as a European intiative involving Community collaboration; for instance a continuous and exhaustive follow up of ongoing work and the analysis of their perspective in scientific and economical terms.