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Congratulations To MDA!!

RMJ's request of a feasibility study for on OTEC power plant was reported in the last issue of IOA Newsletter. The winner of the competition is--- MDA. The following is news contributed by Jim Eade of SOPAC, Fiji.

Marine Development Associations, Inc. (MDA) of Saratoga, California, have been chosen to carry out a feasibility study of an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion power plant for Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands   (RMI). MDA will perform a detailed technical economic, and financial study for the design, construction, installation, and operation of a 5-10 MWe (net) OTEC power plant with a fresh water sub-system, to be located at Majuro.

The MDA team, led by J.G. Wenzel, President and Program Manager, and L. C. Trimble,  Project  Engineer, includes personnel involved in practical personnel involved in practical OTEC developments in Hawaii in the late 1970s and early 1980s. MDA's partners in the study are: Flour Daniel, Inc., a power plant engineer/construction firm with marine capability; Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. of Hawaii, experienced in deep-ocean cold water pipe technology; and Pacific International, Inc., a Marshall Islands construction firm. The site specific study will produce a report which will document the following:

OTEC plant design;
construction and instalation plan;
start-up and operation plan;
plant siting considerations;
products considerations;
economic considerations;
development plan;

MDA were selected by the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands using a pre-determined ranking process which took into account experience,  adequacy of proposed work plan, and qualifications and competence of personnel. RMI were assisted by the South Pacific  Applied   Geoscience Commission  (SOPAC) of which RMI is a member.

The study is being done for the Ministry of Resources and Development, RMI,  with a grant of US$ 200,000 from the US Trade and Development Program. It is expected that the study will be completed before the end of 1993.