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Sommaire IOA News Letters

Preparations for the First IOA Conference well Underway

In the previous issue of this newsletter, the convening of the first IOA Conference has been announced.  The Conference will be held in conjunction with Oceanology International'94 (OI'94) from March 8-11, 1994 in Brighton, United Kingdom.

For the prepartion of the Conference, three Committees have been established : the Organization Committee, the Program Committee and the Advisory Committee.

The Organization Committee will be working closely with OI'94 sponsors on the details of the Conference.  It is headed by Don Lennard, Director & Chief Executive, MID-Marine Technology Directorate Ltd., U.K.

The Program Committee is co-chaired by Joseph Vadus and Patrick Takahashi with Carrie Matsuzaki as Program co-ordinator, Joseph Vadus is Senior Technology Advisor, NOAA/US Department of Commerce.  Patrick Takahashi is Director of Hawaii Natural Energy Institute.  Carrie Matsuzaki is with College of Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa.   The Program Committee will be reviewing the abstracts and planning the presentations.

The Advisory Committee is expected to provide overall guidance for the Conference.   It is chaired by Paul Yuen, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Hawaii.