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Solutions for the Pacific Century
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 17-22, 1996

The role of marine science and technology in the economic development of the Pacific Basin resources is of vital concern to planners, policy makers, administrators, educators and scholars. PACON, the biennial Pacific Congress, bring together scholars and resource people to address key issues concerning the marine technology related to the oceanic economic potential of the region from a multidisciplinary perspective. The Congress facilitates the exchange of views and ideas between representatives of the Pacific Island nations and of the larger rim countries and thereby strengthens future information exchange and collaboration.

The Chairmen and Directors of PACON International and the Local Organizing Committee of the PACON International Chapter invite all policy makers, interested scientists, technologists and environmental managers to the Seventh Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology to be held at the Ilikai Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA between June 17-22, 1996.