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IOA Newsletter Vol.11, No.1 /Spring 2000
Title¡GIOA'99 Conference a Success
Author¡GCarrie Matsuzaki
Abstract¡GReport on IOA'99 the thired IOA Conference hold from 31 October to 2 November
             ¡@1999 in Imari, Japan.
Title¡GWhat is the future for the OTEC/DOWA? Assessing possible future OTEC markets
Author¡GMichel A. Gauthier
Abstract¡GAn attempt to assess future OTEC market based on OECD report and prediction
             ¡@for world global demand for primary energy in 2020 to 2050 & 2100
Keyword¡GOTEC;energy demand;OECD;DOWA;market;industry;govemment;policy;economy