Retour Club des Argonautes - Dossier Énergie Thermique des Mers


IOA Newsletter Vol.12, No.2 /Summer 2001
TitleĄGFew words from the IOA Acting chairman
AuthorĄGMichel Gauthier
AbstractĄGTo promote and develop of OTEC/DOWA activities
TitleĄGOcean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
AuthorĄGL. A. Vega
AbstractĄGRefer to background and technical limitations of OTEC activities.
TitleĄGCreating an All-Energy Future
AuthorĄGD. E. Lennard
AbstractĄGThe conference/exhibition of Energy Future is hold in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK at
             Ą@27/28 Feb. 2001
KeywordĄGrenewables, Ocean Resources
TitleĄGIOA Propsition of an Article to the IOA Editor
AuthorĄGMichel Gauthier
AbstractĄGTo introduce the book of "Solar and World Economy" to the audience.
KeywordĄGsolar energy, industrial society